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6 Things 19 April 2021

Detail of St Michael by della Francesca

a sword near his groin with blood smeared on the fat tip

Feathers and more feathers on the path

Moult or preen or sparrowhawk

The red laundry box full of ants

taken in among clothes from the line in the garden

The honest note of the bell

so clear in the dusk

I can feel the tongue strike metal

like striking me hitting more than a nerve

Something at the centre of my life

The bell means something is awake

in this case night

I look back at the gate to blossom

I have been among but don't look long

I am buried in the thoughts of mayflowers

They are not offered to me I am offered to them

Dad said love you to bits as he ended the phone call


N.B. In my practice of '6 things,' I will often write more than 6 things, sometimes, on drier days, less. The point is fluidity and an absolute willingness to allow and listen. Sometimes the 'things' come from memory, sometimes the present, sometimes from what I am listening to on my phone as a I walk. No need for narrative, but feeling is imperative.

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